Greenbelt Labor Day 2009

As in years past (2005, 2006, rather extensively described way back in 2008), I took some pictures of our local Labor Day parade. The Greenbelt Parade is long for such a small community, but it was not so long this year as in years with major elections. We tend to pull a lot of political folks.

Which is cool, because it is a political holiday. I wish, in fact, it were more political. I'd like to see old fashioned debates and/or speeches on the common green. That would be cool.

Better than a knife fight, anyway.

Folks were gathered early. Unlike past years, the sky was overcast, which I thought was nice. Usually the sidewalk side of the street is scorching in sunlight. These folks are either worried about impending sunlight or waiting for a bus that will not come for 24 hours.

Bus Stop

I'm not sure this group needs any comment:

Sun-Dried Garmenenture Society

This year, the parade had not one, but two, bagpipe and drum bands:

You can keep your Justin Ross unruly mob. Che Sayles' crowd knew how to stick together:

Che Sayles Groupies

Apparently, I'm still drawn to taking pictures of sixes:

Hillside 6

This parade was big on all different kinds of vehicles:

girl on tricycle

I'm sure RPI could make it even classier:

solar vehicle

We even let the animals drive big scary vehicles:

dare to let the lion drive

Every year at the festival the PTA has a big used book sale (what are they gonna do when ebooks take over?) and during the parade (since it's the last day), they give out free books along the route.

I've made a commitment that every time I get a free book from a parade, I'll read it through. A past example was pretty good, Three Came Home. This year, I am regretting my bold commitment:

romance book

Every parade should end with the most important vehicle of all: the street sweeper.

Clean Picture

Missed the Pride group, the bike cops, the dog people, and the Utopia film festival folks this year.

5 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

morninglight mama said...

Did you see the Che Sayles group get reprimanded for not being in their appropriate position in the parade when they were trying to get out way ahead? Yeah, when he's not littering my community's doorknobs and windshields with his fliers (when there are clear NO SOLICITING and such signs at every entrance) or clogging up my answering machine with his robo-calls (even though I've emailed his campaign with a request to be taken off his list), he apparently doesn't think that he's required to follow the rules at the parade either.

Forgive me my comment-rant, but this dude has gotten under my skin. I've never wanted to campaign AGAINST anyone before now!

Bowie Mike said...

I appreciated that clouds. There have been some hot parades in the past. We don't get there as early as the locals, so all the nice shaded spots are usually gone.

I thought the Che Sayles' group broke up. There were some people out in front (your pic), but then there was a small group that stayed back in their assigned spot.

My wife overheard a couple of the carnival workers talking Sunday night. Apparently there was a brawl involving 30+ kids on Saturday night at the festival. One of the ladies said, "yeah, I heard the kids were from someplace called Spring Hill Lake."

zombies were in MI said...

Sorry to disappoint, but the Pride group recently decided we had neither the time, energy, or resources to do the parade this year. Sad. Not sure if we'll be doing it again, though I'd like to next year.

Have fun with your romance novel! ;-)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

@morninglight mama: Yeah, poor Che ticked a lot of people off pretty early in the process. In general, though, I suspect that politicals don't pay much attention to the No Soliciting signs, in the same way that they don't have to pay attention to the Do Not Call list. This is a weird year since the city council has added two brand new seats. It's going to be an interesting ride.

@bowie mike: Yep, it's nice to live a block away from the parade. If you want to be closer next year, I know a house for sale. Che's group broke up and then reformed. I don't think he's going to do too well (see mlm above). There was indeed a fight after the festival, in the Roosevelt Center. The report says "several." I suspect 30 is a bit high.

@zombies: Hope MI was kind to you. Many of the normal priders seemed to be scattered throughout the parade in support of other things, which might be a healthy thing? I hope I don't offend saying that as an outsider.

Strawberry said...

Not at all...I'm glad they were, especially since we weren't doing anything as a group.