On the Bike

I've not gotten any time on the bike since I started the Kansas gig way back in July. So last night I rented a bike for three days here in Boulder. It's awfully nice to be in a place where the drivers actually expect bicycles to be in the vicinity. Last night's shortish ride wasn't strenuous, but it was a good little jaunt around the town.

This morning, I rode into the office on the bike. It's very strange riding without a mirror. At any rate, I was congratulating the city in my head about how good Colorado is at respecting bikes. Then, I was cut off by a car that did not respect my right to be in the bike lane.

The license tag: Maryland. Figures.

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Caitlin said...

"The license tag: Maryland. Figures."

Hahahahah, this made me LOL for a very long time.