Too Much Inside Baseball?

If you haven't been following along, here's the backstory: I'm traveling more these days and to keep busy I take a little clay, make a little figure, pose it somewhere in my host city, photograph it, then leave it and hope that people come upon it and find a smile or a thought. It's important to me that the figure is being left behind. It adds to the meaning, I think.

I was inspired by this guy, who is much more creative.

Last night, I rode a bike down to the location where I wanted to place this guy:

little actor guy

But when I got there, the place was overrun with people. There was a farmer's market going on, and some tables had been set up by political groups. Now, the market and political activity where in the next street over and in the field. But this guy's not in a field, is he?

a little farther back

This space was also being used. I'm pretty sure they were setting up to show a movie. But our little actor wasn't invited. And I doubt if I'd have put him down I'd have been able to take any pictures, let alone leave him behind.

actor on stage

So, I tried to get up early this morning to do the photo shoot. It's not too hard to get up early, because I'm based in the DC area, but this is Boulder, two hours behind the clock in my soul.

As you can see, this poor actor has no audience.

actor with no audience

The stage can be a very lonely place.

long shot of empty audience

But there are worse things than a missing audience...

trash guy

Everybody make the 'danh danh danh' sound now.

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Bowie Mike said...

Don't think the worse. I bet he's now performing from a shelf at Trash Man's home.