The Public Comment Phase Begins Today

I'm proud to reveal the source of the lightning and thunder spewing from my midnight workshop. I have been asked by the totally fictitious Greater Nevada City Metropolitan Transport Service to provide a map for the little-known and probably physically impossible subway system known to locals affectionately as "The Shaft".

This map is being provided to the community for an open comment period so that errata, miscellaneous improvement, and wishful additions may be provided by the public in order to improve and sustain this valuable transportation service.


Several notes about this version:

  • North San Juan service exists simply so that I can get a grilled cheese sandwich at Toki's Fountain.
  • The Brunswick Basin stop (also known as Lake Olympia) is not (completely) to blame for the delay in opening the new Walgreens.
  • The popular and exciting commuter rail line from Auburn to Truckee that passes through Nevada Station has been accidentally left off the map. Please pretend it is there.
  • I really think there's a tech park somewhere off of Zion, isn't there? That should get a station.
  • This map is definitely not to scale.
As noted in the legend, this is revision 2010-01. Please feel free to provide comment in the section below. Posters might be available after the comment period closes and appropriate revisions have been incorporated.

Thank you for your attention. This project was inspired by the Speculative Subways at Transit Authority Figures.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Bowie Mike said...

I see you left out the controversial purple line, thus forcing people boarding at the North San Juan stop to switch at Main Circle for what should be a short trip to Cascade Shores. I also think that the Red Dog stop should be renamed Ronald Reagan Red Dog.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Definitely like the Ronald Reagan jab.