New Painting Started

So I've started on my second tv tray. Can you guess what it's likely to be?

LLeaping LLamas


There's a llama show going on at the Nevada City Fairgrounds this weekend. We wandered around looking at llamas, which are truly strange and interesting creatures. There was some sort of course they had to be led through.

To be honest, I had no idea what was going on. But neither did the llamas, I suspect.

TV Tray Madness

I like to document the evolution of my painting, even when it's something odd like this go around. I haven't painted since last summer. This was a nice bit of relaxation.

There are going to be a lot of pictures. Tell me the point at which you figured out what my subject is.

So, the Brunette picked up an old set of TV trays from the thrift store. (Is there a more official name than TV tray?) The idea is that we'll paint over them, cover them with an outdoor clear-coat and use them for outdoor tables. This is what they looked like:

An SF Movie Waiting to Happen?

Found on the walk to The North Ridge.

Chicken Monkey Duck

Found via FrogBlog

Take a Bow

I walked into the hotel in Philadelphia, saw this sign and started clapping.

I don't know what she did wrong, but I admire her acceptance.

I sure hope the Agile Games conference becomes an annual thing.

Watch this Film

Cannonball from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Well Did He Ever Return?

So, after setting up and photographing the wee toaty explorers earlier today, I returned to the hotel to pack and head off to Boulder. This little guy greeted me when I got back:

a lonely bean

Oh, no, I had left one of the Boston buccaneer beans behind!

Arlington Station

First, we stopped by the Boston Commons and enjoyed the nice park. Last I saw him, he was about to get onto the train. I hope he has his dime.

More Arlington Station

And I've Never Been to Boston In the Fall

I didn't think I was going to get around to this in Boston. I was a little more social than usual. But here they are, some new wee toaty explorers, out for a cruise in Boston.

Boston Pirate Beans

So nice to see a few beans out for a boat ride.

A Pirate Ship of Beans

Beans and Boat House

I completely fell down on getting the whole scene. There's a pot off to the left, there:

Baked Beans on a Stump

I wound up being able to skip my customer today, so after setting up the beans and doing the photographs, I got a bagel (oh, I miss good bagels) and sat under the bridge on the other side of the river to watch the scene. I've never watched for an hour before. So many people jogged and walked and biked past the scene, yet nobody ever even paused.

context shot

This is another in the continuing series of wee toaty explorers, a project to keep me busy while I'm on the road. A nice summary is here.

Now, Admit It wish you had my job, right? This weekend, I'm up in Boston at a conference. Here's what I did in the conference today:

We made "product boxes" to describe our ideal scrum team member. The idea is to create a cereal-box-style marketing message to provide the key aspects to the product you're trying to sell. This is a smiling box because a good team member is a happy team member.

On, the back, I put down a few important qualities.

Yep, the company sent me to Boston to play with crafts. We also played a lot of games and raced slot cars.

That's some sort of hacker person who sat at my table. I'll ask her if I can give her name.

Hey, Yo. I'm askin' a question here: Do you want coffee, tea or what?

Took a long cross-country flight to Boston today. So many of my flights lately have been attended by southern accents. Now, southern accents have their charm, but it sure was a nice change of pace to be flying through Philadelphia and have the flight attendants providing some east coast flavor.

USAir would like to tank youse guys for flyin' wit' us today.

This stick with a tennis ball was in the jetway at Sacramento. Any idea what it's for?

I'm in Boston for a conference about using games to teach software development principles (or is it principals? No, those are your friends or something). I'm hoping I can get a break and run over to the MIT campus so I can walk around and say, "Yes, this place is nice enough, but it's no RPI."

I dream big, let me tell you.

Scotch Broom Breakfast

We went to a "Scotch Broom Breakfast" in North San Juan this weekend. It was a fundraiser and they were celebrating Mother's Day, too.

north san juan community hall title=

It was loud, but there must have been two million prizes given away.


prize announcer

Open the door and there are all the people:

people at North San Juan Scotch Broom Breakfast

I thought Scotch Broom was some sort of invasive plant? Good thing we weren't in Arizona.

Oh, don't go to North San Juan and mention FEMA or Department of Education or anything government-related at all. In fact, you should probably leave your "You say Socialism like it's a bad thing" t-shirt at home.

Making pancakes

At the end of the day, it's just good food:


Health Food

I was munching this snack on Southwest. It's so nice that they have these controlled-calorie snacks. Then the note caught my attention:

It says:

If you think NABISCO 100 CAL CHEESE NIPS Thin Crips taste great on their own, try them in Creamy Bacon & Tomato Nips Dip. Check out for the recipe.

Because nothing says "healthy snack" like bacon dip.

Las Vegas knows how to promote libraries?

Seen at the Las Vegas airport.

On Time? Really?

It's not enough that I feel sick and dizzy.

Proud Parents in Hutto (TX)

Now, isn't this the cutest thing? It's a wee baby rhinoceros:

I think this is its mother:

How can a hippo be a mother to a rhino? Maybe if this is the father:

Yep, it's an odd little family, isn't it?

And they've gathered beneath the giant of them all.

I stopped by Hutto because it's the home of a restaurant that serves BLTs where the T is a fried green tomato. I guess that makes it a BLFGT. At any rate, there are hippo statues all over the place in this little town, commemorating the time (allegedly) a hippopotamus escaped from a circus train in the vicinity back in the early 1900s.

This is another in the continuing series of wee toaty explorers, a project to keep me busy while I'm on the road. A nice summary is here. This might be the last for a bit as I get another respite from traveling.

Finally Made it to Grass Valley

What a gorgeous day for a bike ride. I got up to the bridge at Gold Flat. From there you can still see snow on the peaks over there to the right.

Today, I kept riding and followed Old Tunnel Road down to Brunswick Basin, which is also known as Burger Basin. I never saw a tunnel. I wonder where it was?

I continued through the shopping on Sutton and rode up past the hospital and looped home, stopping at California Organics for brunch, as Bowie Mike already guessed. All-in-all a very nice 10 mile loop. I still don't have my speed back, but I'm not killed by a 5 mile ride any more. Progress happens.

Somewhere Over the Fence

Another contest for the locals. Where was I standing when I took this picture?