New Brakes

Just a quick note to record that I've purchased new brakes for my bike. I wish I had recorded when I bought the last sets, because this feels like the quickest I've ever gone through brakes. The hills here, people, are brutal.

Good Morning, Hugo

Every year, the science fiction fan community gets together in a conference. The World Convention of Science Fiction, aka WorldCon, this year is in Reno, Nevada, as I have mentioned to you all before. One exciting aspect to being a part of WorldCon is the ability to cast votes for the annual Hugo Awards. This year's nominations were announced at the UK's EasterCon. There are several categories, but the big one, IMHO, is the Best Novel category.

There are five slots available (though not required to be filled) and I intend to read each book and make a book tale. Here are the five nominees (links are to my book tales):

This is a nice list, if only because all of my nominations made it in and I already have three of the books. (Actually, I have four of the books. Blackout and All Clear were released separately at the beginning and end of last year, respectively.) I'm glad the committee decided to treat these as a single work; otherwise, I imagine that Connie Willis' votes would have been split. Further, Feed already has a book tale written.

Over a thousand ballots were cast. I think that means that Reno is going to be wild. The full list of categories and nominees is here. For the Short Story category, I was disappointed that neither Neil Williamson's "Arrhythmia" nor Nina Allan's "Flying in the Face of God" made the cut, though they were nominated over at BSFA.

Another category that is interesting this year is the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. Not only is the nomination list over-stuffed with Dr. Who episodes (three out of the five nominations are from one TV show, really?), but it has this interesting entry:

Not Safe for Work/Contains Language of a Sexual Nature

I suspect half of us want to be Ray Bradbury and half, well ...

At Least Some People Think We're Still the Life of the Party

funny graphs - America the Beautiful
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brought to my attention by Dancing on the Bar of Life

Kinda Cool

...a way to make your own bike lane at night.

Taos, NM

Just had a great conference at The Mabel Dodge Luhan House. It's in Taos, New Mexico.


Of course, New Mexico is the home of great green chile.

teeter totter

Say what you will, but green peppers like a see-saw as much as anybody else, though some peppers think it's called a "teeter-totter."


Not everybody likes play time.


This is another in the continuing series of wee toaty explorers, a project to keep me busy while I'm on the road. A nice summary is here.

Where in Nevada County?

I think once I get back from New Mexico, there's a good chance the weather will be consistent enough to do this on a regular basis. It amuses me, anyway.

Where in Nevada County can you see this? This week's Where in Nevada County picture on Twitpic


I think this is telling me something about the drainpipe on Twitpic

I removed a screw. What are we about to discover?

Colfax, Please Explain

A Man Everybody Loved.  Colfax, you must explain on Twitpic