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Hey, people who read this blog, I have a question for you. At least, I have one for those of you who live in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area.

For everyone, it's time again for Ask the Abbot, that irregular feature where you ask me any question you like and I'll answer as honestly as the law allows (as long as it isn't about my secret identity). Put your questions in the comments section. This is a great opportunity to come out of lurk-mode.

So, I've been a part of a book group for a while and we've settled down into a regular monthly meeting. The joy of meeting regularly cannot be overstated, if only because it eliminates so many logistical headaches. For the last two months, we've met at a wine tasting bar in Grass Valley. This has been a great location because it has plenty of comfy seating, it isn't crowded at 5:30 and, well, honestly, there's alcohol and a little food, too.

But I found out that the owner has been hanging around late to let us use the place even though he'd normally be closed. That's making me feel guilty because sometimes there are ten of us, but sometimes there are only four, and that's hardly enough business to stay open late for. (Two sodas and two glasses of wine do not a business make.)

What I'm looking for from you: Recommendations of other places that would be open on a Wednesday evening, that would be easy to host an unpredictably sized gathering, and doesn't require reservation. Put them in the comments and I'll be awfully grateful.

1 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Dixie Redfearn said...

Margaritas in GV (tucked away behind a tire store in the Brunswick Basin) has a large back room that is usually open. Food is so-so.

The Union newspaper lets groups use their conference room. No food or drink, unless it's vending machine fare, or bring your own.

The Holbrooke has a back room adjacent to the bar.

The UPSTAIRS balcony at The National is wonderful in mild weather. The downstairs bar has an alcove at the window that is usually quiet. I'll bet owner Tom Coleman would "reserve" that area if you had a few people who were at least buying drinks. You can say I sent you.