"Real" Tour of Nevada City

On Father's Day, a bunch of cyclists come to Nevada City for the second-oldest bike race in the country. It used to be called the Tour of Nevada City, but now it's the Nevada City Classic. With the hills we have around here, this is one tough race.

But participants in the Tour of Nevada City only ride on four or five of our streets. The course is something like a mile point one. A real tour ought to cover a few more of our streets.

On Saturday I picked up a mission: ride significant portions of every single public street within the city limits. I used this border map I found on the wonderful web: if you type in 95959, you'll get Nevada City's boundary.

I started at Orchard because it's a one-way street. You might notice that my definition of "significant" changed slightly as the day went on. I didn't plan the route out beforehand, so I think I did a pretty good job of filling in the lines without too many repeats. The hardest section was the eastern section (Prospect Hill, more or less).

I left the house at 10:30. I got back home at 6:30. That's a long time for about 24 miles. I took a few significant breaks, including a long lunch lie-over at the North Ridge.

I also stopped to take pictures of as many road signs as I could.

It looks like I missed one major road: I didn't realize that Lower Grass Valley Road and Factory Street were even there! There were a few roads I skipped on purpose, because they were gated (Motherlode), marked private (Parkside), or looked private (Bridge Way). And I wish I had covered more of Gold Flat.

But still and all, I think the coverage is pretty good.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Sid said...

That's a nifty idea pedaled right on into action. Very cool! As a Prospect Hill rez, I'm gonna agree that our hill is the hilliest of the Nevada City seven (though some on American might disagree). The people from Bourbon...they might as well be flatlanders ;-).

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I've ridden up American Hill Road from Old Downieville Hwy and it is a nightmare, but the hard bits are all outside the city limits.

Being an East Coaster, I find that every single bump in the road here is hard. :)

The other hard part about your area was having to ride the length of Clay twice because I came in from the north.