Wee Toaty Annual Report

Two years ago, I was with a different company and they had me visiting Topeka, Kansas, for several trips. I was a long way from my home in Maryland and it was pretty easy to have eaten in all the restaurants in Topeka several times over. (Not that I'm complaining too much. I got to eat at the delightfully greasy Bobo's Drive-In, and Lawrence wasn't so far away as to be impossible.) The point is, if I was going to be a regular road warrior, I needed something to keep my hands busy in the evenings. And so I started the wee toaty explorer project.

On most trips, I take along some Crayola Fusion -- clay that hardens over night without any need for an oven -- and make a small bit of art that I install somewhere in the area and leave in the hopes that someone will pass by and enjoy the moment. (Actually, I kind of enjoy the times when I've seen people walk by without even noticing the little dramas going on in the world below them, too.) In two years, I realize, there has been a big shift in how careful airports are and I no longer bother trying to carry on the clay. Thank goodness Southwest doesn't charge for bags.

You can find last year's annual report at this link. You can find all the wee toaty explorers by clicking this link or the icon in the upper right hand of this post.

This year, I traveled less frequently, so there was a slight drop. Only 16 wee toaty explorers (down from 36) in 9 US states, of which 5 were new (down from 13). However, we did hit three countries on two continents again (this time adding Ireland and Germany).

I think my favorite one this year was in Alpharetta, Georgia:


Though I also enjoyed the Hawaiian pineapple worshippers, if only because I really liked going to Hawaii.

ceremony sign

And the best thing about this year might have been being able to return to the scene of an installation a year later.

So, there it is, another year, another set of wee toaty explorers. Looks like I'm not stopping any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

I love these! I think your creativity and imagination are great -- keep it up, Abbot.