WorldCon Reno Day 2

One of the neat things about a WorldCon is that there are so many authors running around doing readings that you can take time to sample a bunch that you've never heard of doing readings. I like to take in a few to get a feel for different voices without laying down bread.

Sometimes, there's an extra reward. For example, Mary Robinette Kowal started off her reading with a shadow puppet show.

shadow puppets

Of course, one doesn't want to forget the established authors. I listened with great interest to this panel discussion about the New Wave, reviewing it from nearly 50 years later. Generally, there seemed to be agreement that the "movement" helped to bring more depth of characterization to the field but that the experimental elements died out in the mid-70s, at least from a selling perspective.

new wave panel

It goes the other way, too. If I had been David Malki, who demonstrated creation of his wonderful comic, Wondermark, I'd have been over the moon to have most of the questions from the audience actually coming from Cory Doctorow.


(The linked comic, by the way, is the one he created during the session.)

Since the con is in Reno, Nevada, there was a nice discussion of real gambling. I got some good etiquette advice for when I dress up as James Bond and saunter up to a table (always ask if the other players mind if you join).

gambling panel

And, finally, I got a little bit of attention in the middle of the Liars Panel, where Connie Willis, et al, try to tell the biggest lies possible.

liars panel

I was sitting in the front row at the beginning, but I had a little trouble with hearing some eating sounds, so I got up and walked to the back of the room where I stood for the rest of the session. Connie Willis indicated that this distracted her and I got to be a recurring callback for her: asking me why I couldn't bring myself to leave all the way and several times why I was still hanging around. She was kind enough to let me get in a few one-liners in response and all-in-all I enjoyed my 30 seconds of attention.

Update (from Day 3): Oh, man, you should read more on Day 3!

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