WorldCon Reno Day 3

I'm tired, so I'm just going to tell this one exciting story and then push a few pictures your way.

Remember yesterday's liars panel where I was a small audience participant? When I walked into the panel about historical accuracy today, Connie Willis walked up to me, shook my hand, and thanked me for being her straight man. I was just over the moon to have gotten a little attention from an audience, but getting remembered and thanked by Connie Willis was awesome.

So, I attended four panels and three readings today.

The aforementioned panel about treating historical accuracy in fiction.

history panel

A competition among panelists to write flash fiction given topics and five minutes. (I played along in the audience. I'll let you see my stories in a separate post.

flash fiction iron chef

A panel about the future of cities. Although Ian McDonald was supposed to be the moderator, he missed the session, so Cory Doctorow took up the reins. I think it was the best moderated panel so far.

future of cities

A panel discussion the definition of "hard" science fiction and whether or not it is destined to die.

hard sf panel

A reading by Kim Stanley Robinson from his work in progress and from his recent book, Galileo's Dream. (He did not hoot like a gibbon during this session.)


A reading by Lauren Beukes from her book, Zoo City.


A reading by Lois McMaster Bujold from her work in progress.


2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Don Pelton said...

Re the future of cities, it would have been interesting to hear from James Kunstler.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Probably so. I think that KSR had some interesting utopian things out of a recent Google conference and Lauren Beukes had interesting dystopian things from her experiences in Johannesburg.