WorldCon Reno Day 4

I got bored with taking pictures of all the panelists, so I'm not foisting any upon you today. I think the most interesting thing today was seeing Cory Doctorow in the audience for a few panels and readings. I think it's neat to see the famous mingling with the hoi polloi.

Of course, Firefox doesn't seem to think hoi polloi is a word.

Oh, man, the cellist (Unwoman) in the noisy vendor area was awesome, too. I particularly liked the theme to Firefly/Serenity, but the music with words was good, too. :)

I'm sitting out the Hugo ceremony and will watch the live stream from the hotel. Good luck to everybody, especially the people I voted for! (Imagine there's a smiley face here; I have a rule against two emoticons in a single post.)

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Anna Haynes said...

Do they have a suggestion box?

There were so many authors there that were new to me - so what what *really* would have been helpful - perhaps in combination with the existing display of author photos - would have been a sample page or two of writing from each, which is typically enough flavor to tell which writers you'll want to explore.

(as it is, the way that's offered is a Reading by the auteur, but if you find from the first couple minutes that it's in a style (e.g. "muscular") that you don't relate to, you're faced with a quandary...)

Another suggestion, to a panelist: let Brad Templeton talk more.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Anna, there was a session every day for talking to the organizers, but I never went to it.

There was a convention app that was nice (but slow) for the iphone. I wish they had put links in it to the authors' home pages. I went through list of readings sessions and found the web presence of authors I hadn't heard of. Lots of them had sample writing or at least descriptions of the kinds of things they wrote (if I saw "Nazis" on their front page, I skipped their readings).

Sadly, there were a good number of them who were hard to find either because they had fairly common names or because they didn't have a web presence at all. I skipped them. If they weren't trying for me, I didn't try for them.

The biggest suggestion I had was: give the moderators a little bit of training or at least some pointers. There was a stark difference when a good moderator was guiding.