How Far Are You From McDonald's?

I haven't actually set foot inside a McDonald's this century, I don't think. It's not that I hate fast food; it's just that they made me mad two visits in a row, and I haven't been back.

Guess I can hold a grudge.

At any rate, I saw this interesting map of the contiguous US drawn by distance from a McDonald's restaurant. I thought back through all the places I've lived to see how close to them I've been. Though I'm now living in a city that doesn't have its own McDonald's, the closest is a mere 2.8 miles away in Grass Valley. In the last 25 years, I've lived in Maryland, New York, Scotland and California. This is the farthest I've lived from a McDonald's since 1988. Hard to believe that the farthest was in New York.

I found my homes on Google and got directions to the closest McDonald's. This means these are distances to where McDonald's restaurants are now, and they could have been closer or farther when I actually lived there. With the exception of Riverdale, though, I seem to remember all of these locations being more or less accurate. (In the '90s, the McDonald's locations in Maryland jumped around a lot because of acquisitions.) Also, these are all driving distances.

City Distance (mi)

Nevada City, CA


Greenbelt, MD


Glasgow, Scotland

1.4 (on Maryhill, don't remember ever going up there)

Beltsville, MD


College Park, MD


Bowie, MD


Riverdale, MD

0.3 (This might have been a Roy Rogers at the time)

Greenbelt, MD


Waterford, NY


Troy, NY


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