Italian Festival and Constitution Day

On Saturday, we wandered over to the Italian Festival, where there was bocce ball!

bocce balls

Those are some nice courts over at Gateway Park. There was good food and even a bit of cannoli. The Goomba's booth was the most conscientious about keeping money separate from hands that touched food. Good job Goomba's!

But mostly I just sat and watched the bowlers:

bocce players

bocce player with hat

bocce player with form

A lot of people would come over and stand behind me as they watched the matches. They'd invariably try take guesses at the rules. I tried to explain that bocce is like curling without the sweeping, but that didn't seem to help anyone.

There was one wee kerfuffle on the court about the rules.


But all involved seemed to conduct themselves with adequate composure.

The only real question left to me now is: Where is my Polish festival? I'd like my heritage honored, too! I'm not sure what game is particularly Polish. Grandma never really stressed her Polishness. She never even made pierogies. Of course, we would also require a Scottish festival (caber tossing!), an Irish festival (road bowling!), and a German festival (Settlers of Catan!)

As I downloaded pictures from the bocce tournament, I realized that I hadn't ever posted the Constitution Day Parade pictures. The parade was pretty much the same as last year, so I didn't take a lot of pictures. I think Senator Sargent was added to the group of marching presidents to celebrate his writing of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution this year, but I didn't get a picture of him.

I did get a pretty good picture of the fife corps warming up:


As well as some Vikings wondering when their festival is going to be held:


And finally, there was a nice fly-over:


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