How It Took Me Nearly 2 Hours to Go Five Miles

Folks, if you hadn't guessed yet, the 5 Mile House is doing German for October. Not really a big surprise.

I rode my bike up to the Harmony Ridge Market today. It's just on the other side of the road from the 5 Mile House. It took me 1 hour and 50 minutes to get there. But, in my defense, the route I took was longer than 5 miles.

It was 6 and a half.

I went up North Bloomfield Road and cut across Cooper Lane to Harmony Ridge Road to get back to 20 at the top of the switchbacks. Harmony Ridge Road starts off looking like this:

And then it gets worse. I wouldn't drive a car up that road; there's a good mile with 6-12" ruts running through it. I bonked about the time I got to the portion that's paved, which was a bad time because the road seems nearly vertical at that point.

The important number to focus on is not the 6 and whatever miles. It's the change in elevation. And when you take a route like North Bloomfield, it's up and down as you climb. I think 5 Mile House is about a thousand feet higher than my house. The best number to help with that is this: It took nearly two hours to go up the hill. The 5.03 miles back along 20?

16 minutes, 53 seconds.

I'm going to lay down now. Or maybe it's lie down. Who can remember when they're this beat?

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Don Pelton said...

For some reason, the title of your post reminds me of Tom Arnold's book, "How I lost 5 pounds in 6 Years: An Autobiography."

SR said...

Abbott, that's quite a ride! And although you didn't mention it, the fact is N. Bloomfield is challenging for bicyclists since there are sections with no shoulders and the cars move along a quite a clip.
I hope you had some nice pie after your rest.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Seems like all roads to the 5 Mile House are challenging. 20 doesn't have much shoulder, either, and the cars are topping 55+. Willow Valley is overall narrow with blind curves and racing cars. My cyclo-cross is right on the edge of adequacy for riding along the NID Snowy Mountain Ditch.

The drivers on N. Bloomfield seemed mild to me, but it's the only road here I've ever been chased by a dog.

And I'm never doing that hill on Harmony Ridge again. It wouldn't take much to get a consistent small shoulder on 20 through the S curves and I'd be happy. I don't need a full width, just a couple feet is fine for me.