Where in Nevada County: The Count

I was served a sugar-dusted sandwich with jelly on the side while overlooking this waterfall. Where in Nevada County can I do that?

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

SR said...

I believe the photo was taken at Trolley Junction. But I'm much more interested in learning about the sugar-dusted sandwich with jelly on the side. What was inside the sandwich? Please tell me more!

Don Pelton said...

I agree, Trolley Junction.

They used to have a -- ahem -- Pelton water wheel in that waterfall, but it was deteriorating, so they removed it.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Exactly right. I like the waterfall from the balcony.

The sandwich is delicious, but not something I can eat more than once a month. It has ham, turkey and cheese that are all melted together because the sandwich is breaded and fried. It's gooey, powdered with sugar and accompanied by jam. It's the Monte Cristo.

At most other restaurants, the Monte Cristo turns out to be something like a ham sandwich on French toast, but the Trolley Junction gets it nice and crispy. The only other place I know that did it so well was the late, lamented Bennigan's chain.