Weird Weather We're Having?

So I wrote a couple of little widgets for geektool to put information on my desktop. I started it because having multiple Google accounts was really confusing Google in a single browser and we use Google for our work email. One of the geeklets is a ruby script to pick up the weather and print out the current temperature. For a while, the XML feeds from weren't providing current information for 95959 (which is Nevada City), so I was using Rough & Ready's zip.

Yes, we have a place called Rough & Ready. It is not named after a TV show, unlike some towns in New Mexico I could mention.

At any rate, yesterday the XML started returning some interesting temperatures:

I'm having trouble believing that it's so much warmer down there, unless there's a new volcano I haven't heard about.

Can't imagine what would return such a weird temperature for two days running, but at least the feed now seems to have Nevada City data, so I can switch to a closer zip.

Update 13 Nov 2011: Ugh. The weather channel now wants $18 to access current weather conditions, so I now have to switch to some other provider for data I already get for free just not in a convenient format. Looks like the closest NOAA is either Truckee or Beale, buh.

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