Where in Nevada County: Pictures from the Sky

This past weekend, I had a bright idea: Go down to the party store, buy some helium balloons, attach my iPhone and take some pictures.

It took a lot more balloons than I expected. I did like one of the pictures I got, though. And it's even of me! Where in Nevada County am I standing?

What we learn from this image is that the Abbot is not so great at parking. How shameful.

The woman at the party store was helpful and at first we tried two dozen regular sized balloons, but they couldn't get the iPhone off the ground, so we added a few of her biggest balloons. (The best part was that she knew this was just for lifting a phone, but she insisted on doing that scissors stroke thing to get the ribbon to be curly.)

They still weren't strong enough to pick up my iPhone and the platform I had made. (It's just a picture frame with eye hooks, but it was still too heavy.) So I used two velcro straps (only one is in this picture) and attached the balloons to these metal shower curtain hooks.

And that was enough to get off the ground!

The wind was rougher than I expected (this is probably more of a summer activity in these parts), so the balloons would rise, but the wind would actually push them down (because of the force from the tether, I guess). Once, they got up pretty high.

So I went back to the party store to get two more big balloons. Then I went down to the park in Penn Valley, where the wind was harsher and the balloons immediately impaled themselves on a tree.

The balloons started popping and the line got tangled. I thought I'd lost my phone! But I eventually got it back. Not a single picture worked because the straps had covered the lens! And now I didn't have enough balloons to lift the phone any more, so I went home.

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Highway said...

Pretty cool, Abbot! Next time you'll have to attach the iPhone to a kite.