Ira Glass was in Grass Valley tonight? What the? Wha? Why didn't anybody tell me? Honestly, usually the Twitter feeds and blogs I track are enough to warn me of this kind of thing. Internet, you have failed me.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Anna Haynes said...

My bad. I did know. I did not think, to share with readers less fiscally challenged.
(it being $55)

I will endeavor to do better in future.

Note to others: there's an opportunity here, for someone to run a lightly curated, cleanly formatted GV-NC calendar. (Curated, so it doesn't fill with daily listings for Zumba, 3-week art shows, and the like)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Yes, or do they have an RSS feed? I'm not great at keeping an eye on web sites.

Ira Glass always reminds me of home.