In Search of Alpha

So a while back I went on a fruitless search for the Omega mine. I was much more successful on the 23rd in finding the Alpha mine. Alpha and Omega were mines just the other side of Washington, California. The mines in our area, for the most part, were not the sort of square-shaft coal thing I grew up believing in. Instead, we had the surface destruction of placer mining, where huge water canons washed away layers of mountainside, pushing the run-off into long sluices.

So when you find the remnants of one of these mines, it's generally a pile of rocks with some water features. What caught my eye first, though, were the manzanita. I love the way the red and gray branches twine. (It's worth clicking on to make it bigger.)

Of course, the Alpha diggins had plenty of rocks.

And a water feature.

But really, it's just beautiful to walk around inside the National Forest.

And so my streak for the December Photo Project comes to a close on the 23rd. Both the 24th and 25th failed to remind me to take pictures and tomorrow I will be spending most of the day traveling to a remote part of New Mexico, which is so covered with snow, I'm not really expecting to find any wee toaty explorers.

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