In Search of Omega

If there's one thing that the December Photo Project is doing for me, it's getting me out of the house. These next two weeks I'm doing a lot of coding from home, so an excuse to go outside (to take a picture) is probably doing wonders for my posture, if nothing else.

So in the middle of the day today, I wandered into the forest to try to locate the Omega mine. I never found it. It's so weird to be able to go somewhere so close to home where my phone loses signal so completely and I can't get a map. I think that Omega was down a side road that was marked No Trespassing -- Danger!

I know it's shocking, but one thing I found up there was a tree. It was this wicked cool dead tree, all alone in an area that was otherwise seemingly cleared of trees.

What was really neat was the same tree's innards.

Turns out I might have been wandering around on private land. It's so weird how the Tahoe National Forest is checkered with one-mile-square private reserves.

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