The only pictures I took yesterday were at the very poorly designed new terminal for Sacramento airport. I was stuck at the end of this crowd:

It was a little bit after midnight and only one of the two tiny trams was working. There is no other option for civilians to exit the terminal except by these cars.

It took about 30 minutes for this whole mess to clear on the one tram. I waited to keep from getting squished. (Some employees snuck around to the exit side of the cars to get first crack at entering the trams.)

I'm sorry, SMF, but your terminal stinks. When you enter from the garage, there's no way to see which airline is at which ticket counter without walking in front of each one, there is not a direct escalator from the baggage claim back up to the garage level, every line has the nekkid TSA scanners, and these trams are already too small even before they break down.

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