And So Another Birthday Blows By

It turns out I have the same day of birth (though not date of birth) as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She might be better known to you commoners as Kate Middleton. I'm trying to figure out if this means I should go into my lifelong dream of making hats.

I'll spare you that for today. It is time for a quick review of birthday activities.

This year, my birthday tree is bound to befuddle the deer. That's right, I bought a stick and planted it. This poor tree has no branches at all. That has to mean it will fare better than last year's apple, which had branches that were apparently awfully tasty. I hope it does better than the almond tree from two years ago: I planted this walnut tree in its hole.

So, what's a birthday without a little exotic flavor? In this case, it was a strange combination of American and Peruvian: the Waffle Kings/Machu Picchu restaurant down in Sacramento. Is it waffles or is it Peruvian? The answer is YES. But don't mix them. Oh, no. There are two separate menus and you have to ask for the one you want.

Still, it was very good.

After that, we took a drive around and wound up farther down 49 at Jackson. It's a nice little town that looks a lot like Nevada City without so many hills (but plus a huge casino just outside town).

It also had a huge lawn statue store.

Which had weird bears and huge turtles.

And there are creepy little children.

The real gem of Jackson is its used bookstore, Hein & Co.

After the used bookstore, we took a long drive along 88 and into Nevada, up through Carson City to Reno and then back home along I-80. There are some very interesting terrain changes along that route. And the moon was awfully bright.

4 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Don Pelton said...

I've got a birthday coming up pretty soon, a very momentous one. Fittingly, I got an ad in today's mail for cremation services. It's that kind of thing, along with all the solicitous offers from Raley's staff to truck my groceries to the car (I always decline) that is painfully reminding me of the passage of time.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

This is exactly why I don't look at mail any more. Plus, nobody sends personal letters any more.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Happy belated birthday!

wv: snesser--the person you don't want near your birthday cake.

Highway said...

May you have many more!