Meme for Me

Now that last year is done, I can properly do this meme. (Is it a meme any more if it is just some exercise someone thought up four years ago? Do we do memes any more? Remember when one blogger would do some task, call it a meme, and then tag another blogger to do the same? Whatever happened to memes? Is it just that I don't do Facebook and they've all moved over there? Maybe it's that Facebook and Tumblr have made us more likely to copy and link than to do? How many sentences can I put into a parenthetical without taking over the entire post?)

At any rate, the idea here is that we go back through the posts of last year and tie the first sentence of each month's posts to the last sentence in that month. And wa-la we have a magic thing of somethingness.

That's writer talk for go back and put in a good turn of phrase later.

January: I think that tweeting has done something to my brain so that I'm not able to think in long form any more. Lovely morning.

February: I have a bad case of bachelor fridge today. Yeah, I think I'd want to turn the channel, too.

March: Well, we got us a big ole dump of the white stuff, didn't we? But at least that's where you'll see the metal creatures hanging out.

April: (Colfax, Please Explain.) I removed a screw. The hills here, people, are brutal.

May: Well, I'm back in Campbell, almost exactly a year after my last visit. I'll bet this sign is not up today!

June: So there's a Twitter feed over there on the right side of this here blog site. No curry pizza for me this trip.

July: Well, the rain finally stopped, which means this little explorer got a rude awakening. And I feel much better.

August: Where do you have to be sitting to take this picture? I have to say, though, that Spaulding is still my favorite Nevada County lake, if only because Lake Valley Reservoir is over in Placer County!

September: There's a rather nice path in the woods in the county. Nobody know where to get money off the ceiling up on the mountain?

October: OK, I think this is going to be hard, partly because it's moving fast. We'll see what the year looks like 12 months from now.

November: Hey, folks, time for another exciting indiComic (indiToon?). I'd ride it, for sure.

December: Another episode in my current series of taking pictures from my hotel rooms: When I heard the Safeway had some heirloom green tomatoes, I knew there was only one thing I could do.

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