Must Be Nice

So Assemblyman Dan Logue needs to find a place to live so he can be in a district that he wants to represent. He was going to live in his Penn Valley house. But maybe the 3rd Assembly District is more attractive.

"I have 10 houses in the 3rd Assembly District, so I am just going to pick one of the houses that I already own and we will be residing there," Logue said.

(Emphasis mine.) I try not to get too political here on my pinko-commie blog, but geez, that 10 just jumped out at me. Ten houses in one district alone, but that's not all the houses he owns. We've gotten used to our "representatives" being all rich and stuff, but wow.

And, sure, I move around a lot. But I'm having trouble believing that the spirit of the law requiring you to be registered in the district you'd like to represent was about making sure you have a proper mailing address. I've now lived here in Nevada City for two years and I wouldn't claim to understand enough of the community to try and represent even just the city let alone the district.

But I'll have lived in my house longer than that rep will have "lived" in his.

What a world.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

lacochran's evil twin said...

I agree.

On the flip side, at least he understands the housing market there.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

True. And he must know what it's like to hire movers.

And buy carpetbags.