Old Maps

If you like old maps, there is a neat resource on line.

Ah, the Rio de Yuba.

How cool is this? The red lines are bike paths. This map is from 1896.

Say Cheese

Over the weekend, the Brunette and I went to a cheese-making class at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. It was so easy straightforward that we decided to make some mozzarella at home.

We started by getting some fresh water.

There are a lot of pictures in this post. Push the "Read More" link to see the results.

Wee Toaty Deconstructionism

I'm not sure if what I'm going for here will come across.

I asked for requests for the North Carolina installation. I got one: make it about bikes. So I made a bike.

I also included a turnip.

Is it clear what the turnip has on his plate? I ran out of black, sadly.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make a Wee Toaty Explorer this time around, because my luggage took a detour and I didn't get my stuff until 18 hours after I landed.

Truly, folks; be careful out there.

This is another in the continuing series of wee toaty explorers, a project to keep me busy while I'm on the road. A nice summary is here.

Room with a View: Cary, NC

Less industrial than most of my views.

JavaScript and Eclipse

Anybody out there using Eclipse to work with JavaScript?

I like the outline feature of Eclipse. It keeps me from having to hunt around for functions I'm interested in. However, when I make a variable or function that's bound to "this", I don't get it in the outline. In the image above, I don't understand why this.variable and this.another_function don't show up in the outline.

Why is that? Any of you know how to make it show in the outline?

Room With a View: Grants, NM

This time my view is inside the hotel. Actually, those wee windows up above have a view onto the mountains, but it's a bit too back-lit for the camera this morning.

Why I Love The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter is a show on writers on the CBC. I listen to it via podcast. On the way to the airport today, I started catching up on episodes back to the beginning of the year. I really love the transitions on the show -- between segments the transition sound is a pen or sharpie writing on paper or a page being turned. It's a wonderful and somehow peaceful touch.

But what I loved most about the episode I was listening to today was host Shelagh Rogers' willingness to ask the question I would have wanted to ask. While interviewing columnist Michele Landsberg about her first job as a reporter, there was this exchange (not confrontational, but with humor):

Michele Landsberg: It was totally a man's world. There were of course a few women. It was expected -- never spoken -- it was just expected that if you wanted a job in that particular newsroom at that time, you would sleep with one of the more repugnant city editors.

Shelagh Rogers: So who did you sleep with?

This was the 13 February episode. Give it a listen.

Grass Valley is...

You might notice that over there on the right I've got a Twitter feed searching for mentions of Nevada City, Grass Valley, and Nevada County. Sometimes it has an interesting notification -- like the arrival of the Red Hot Chili Peppers last year -- but often it's filled with junk.

An interesting trend has appeared among the bots trying to link farm. They seem to have grabbed a thesaurus or dictionary or something:

(Click to enlarge. Arranged via storify.)

My favorite so far is the most recent:

grass valley, ca is muttering and murmuring!!!

"Bad Language is Degrading"

There's a lot to wade through in the indicommons stream, but it's full of gems.

First Time I Ever Noticed This Marker

In loving memory
of the life of
Laura Belle Meade
May 27, 1980 - December 20, 1995
We miss and love you,
you are our 'Mushroom' forever

Wee Toaty Explorers, And You Can, Too

Folks, I actually have a little advance notice of an upcoming trip, so I thought a good way to celebrate de-lurking month would be to invite you to request a character or scene for dropping wee toaty explorers on that trip.

During the week of 20 February, I'll be visiting Cary, North Carolina, which I know nothing about. I'll have an extra few hours for installation on the last day, because of the eccentricities of flight planning from mid-sized airport to small airport across the continent.

Pop down to the comments and suggest a figure or scene. Try not to make it too complicated or intricate -- I do have limited time and limited skills. You'll see from all the entries under this link the limits of my skill. My plan is to do each and every one of your suggestions.

Keep in mind that I teach a sect of software development that does not worship plans!

If you want, you can just provide an adjectival noun and I'll make up my own scene after reviewing my options for placement. Caveats, Addenda, Etc... I'm not going to do anything I find offensive, but I don't really mind offending others (as our interracial gay couple outside Bob Jones attests). I'm not going to do anything dangerous (or even requiring any athleticism), like put a lightning bolt on the top of a high-power electricity line. I'm not going to do anything that might get me arrested, like put a wee toaty explorer shaped like dynamite in the mailbox of the local police station.

On the other hand, you never know what I might convince myself it's OK to do. Likely, if I don't like your suggestion, I'll warp it somehow to meet my needs. But don't let the caveats stop you from being creative. Drop me a line, let me know what you want and you, too, will become a part of wee toaty history.

How Do You Feel About Your Job?

F**k right; it ain't about right. It's about money. Now you think Ronald McDonald gonna go down in that basement and say, "Hey, Mr. Nugget. You the bomb. We selling chicken faster than you can tear the bone out. So I'm gonna write my clowny-ass name on this fat-ass check for you" . . . Believe.

I've never watched The Wire. I wish it were on Netflix streaming.