Why I Love The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter is a show on writers on the CBC. I listen to it via podcast. On the way to the airport today, I started catching up on episodes back to the beginning of the year. I really love the transitions on the show -- between segments the transition sound is a pen or sharpie writing on paper or a page being turned. It's a wonderful and somehow peaceful touch.

But what I loved most about the episode I was listening to today was host Shelagh Rogers' willingness to ask the question I would have wanted to ask. While interviewing columnist Michele Landsberg about her first job as a reporter, there was this exchange (not confrontational, but with humor):

Michele Landsberg: It was totally a man's world. There were of course a few women. It was expected -- never spoken -- it was just expected that if you wanted a job in that particular newsroom at that time, you would sleep with one of the more repugnant city editors.

Shelagh Rogers: So who did you sleep with?

This was the 13 February episode. Give it a listen.

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