Commitment in Boulder

This one is an inside joke for me. This is supposed to be a Marine Corps Drill Instructor holding a burndown chart.

People who come across this on the streets of Boulder will have no more idea what he's doing sitting on top of a bear's head than you do.

But there he is, waiting to be found.

4 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Highway said...

Hi Abbot,
I love the jarhead toady!!
I had to look up burndown chart; and now that I understand the term, and how it applies to you... I'm guessing the joke is that somebody in authority is telling you to get busy!!

Shouldn't it be a woman Marine DI?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Glad to be educational!

I don't remember mentioning that my boss is a woman. Did I really do that? I think that most of my bosses have been women over my career, which is awesome.

Actually, I've been over-busy. This was more about a debate we coaches had recently about the Scrum Alliance changing the wording of one of our practices to stop calling it 'sprint commitment.' My colleague (a former Marine) had a great image of his technique for describing the meaning of commitment using his DI voice. So I made one. First wee toaty to be modeled on someone I know, I think.

Of course, 'commitment' is still a core value for scrum, but the idea of an iteration commitment has supposedly led to a bit of team-bashing. I still prefer commitment over prediction or forecast. If commitment is too strong, the others are not strong enough.

Always healthy to have debate, though.

Highway said...

LOL! No, I didn't know you had a woman boss.

Actually, I made two assumptions:
1). You are self-employed
2). You are married

Both assumptions led me to wrongly conclude that your boss is your wife!

Sujay said...

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