It's Like Rain

Everything. Pretty much everything is like rain here in beautiful Nevada County. I am trying very, very hard not to complain, because the weather every other week this winter has been simply stupendous.

It does seem, though, that Mother Nature decided to deliver this winter's ration of precipitation all in a single storm instead of spread out over several months. I've not seen our creek running this high before. Apparently, we've gotten more than seven inches in this one storm, and it still hasn't stopped. It might be turning to snow, soon, too. I just hope that it's getting caught in some of the reservoirs and in the snow pack up the hill to make it a better summer for the flatlanders.

Results of the rain:

I think the power in North San Juan was out. At least, when I went over to Toki's for cheat day, today, it was shuttered, and all the businesses in the block across the street (the pizza shop, the bar and the organic whatever-it-is) all had their lights out. The gas station had power, though.

Along 49, there were several lovely run-off waterfalls. Our water is reddish brown.

Just on the other side of the South Yuba River, 49 was partially covered by a mudslide. Be careful out there, people.

And, finally, there's this. I can't blame it on the rain, but if you start to think that this weather has been even slightly apocalyptic, consider the future these folks are breeding:

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