I've Been Memed

2003 called and gave me 11 questions to answer.

(Thanks, Coyote Rose)

  1. You have one week to live. What do you do first?
    Maybe get a second opinion? Gosh, I've been thinking about food an awful lot lately, so I'd probably go on an eating binge. One week doesn't seem like enough time to really go nuts. I think maybe I'd jump in a car and drive the Kerouac or Travels with Charlie trip. Or maybe combine the two (food and writing) and eat at all the places in a Calvin Trillin or Jane & Michael Stern book.
  2. Saturday or Sunday?
    Oh, Saturday for sure. Sunday has that melancholy last-hurrah feel of the last days of a summer vacation.
  3. You can go back in history and stop one thing from happening. What do you choose to stop and why?
    This is like the Proust questionnaire on The Next Chapter. Since I've gotten my time machine, I've been so tempted to go back and stop a particular car accident in June 1993, but that would remove so many other things since then that have been good and I don't know what today would look like. So I think it's best not to go too far back because the ramifications would be too hard to predict. So I'd just go back and pick something different for lunch.
  4. How long do you wait to show someone you're dating your blog?
    I don't think my blog is terribly personal or revealing in an embarrassing way. I'd probably never talk about someone I was dating on this thing. (Mostly because then the Brunette might find out!)
  5. Favorite Disney princess and why?
    Oh, honey, all of them! Disney released Howl's Moving Castle in the US, so can I pick Sophie? We just babbled about her in the podcast.
  6. Whose commercials are worse: the Old Navy Modelquins or Flo at Progressive?
    Modelquins, I guess. Flo is kinda cute.
  7. Tell me your first memory
    Standing at the screen door of my grandparents' house while my parents went off to a Redskins game.
  8. A Genie gives you three wishes but you have to use them on other people. What do you wish for?
    Peace, Understanding, Unity. I don't know. I'm pretty lucky with my health care, but I'd love it if we could find a way to remove the concept of healthcare from the free market economy, or at least aspects of it. At the very least, the health of our nation should be a defense issue, especially communicable disease, really, but all forms of illness. I'm afraid as we get closer to treating gene-listings as intellectual property and we haven't yet figured out a sane way to handle intellectual property in an age where it is more prevalent and basic to the structure of our economy than ever before that with testing and whatnot the future looks grim. I'd go back and edit that sentence but it was intended to be a rant, so it should scan a little crazily.
  9. You get cast to be on the Amazing Race- who do you pick as your partner?
    Can I take the gnome? I suppose I'd like Stephen Fry or Michael Palin, because they know something about travel and I'd be stuck with them for long periods of time, so I want someone interesting to listen to.
  10. Tap dancing monkey or penguin?
    Oh, gosh, monkeys are inherently funny, but I always wanted to be Dick van Dyke, so I have to go with Penguins. Oh, does Mary Poppins count as a Disney princess?
  11. You're having a bad day, what drink do you get at the bar to make you forget?
    Lately I've been into Godfathers and (while pretending to be James Bond at casinos) martinis, but my go-to drink is always amaretto and Coke Zero.

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Coyote Rose said...

You're Welcome!

Also no, Mary Poppins (as much as I love her)is not considered a Disney princess.