The Abbey Garden: Part 1

I'm assuming this will be a multi-parter, but it's certainly not implausible that I'll give up about halfway through.

At any rate, this house we bought two (and a half) years ago, has these things in the back yard.

I thought it might be fun to fix these things up. Or at least two of them. So I went to The ReStore and got a tool.

Of course, the first thing I discovered is that there is irrigation tubing in these things. So I started by clearing the plants away from that so I could keep from destroying it by digging willy-nilly.

I'm not sure if this seeps or what. Half the little tubes are capped and half are not. Maybe they spray? Could that be what the stakes are for? There are stakes in both these beds, but the hoses are not touching the stakes, so I'm not sure what they're for.

Speaking of not knowing things, it didn't occur to me until I had dug half the tube up that maybe some of these plants might be worth keeping. Anybody have any idea how much of this is weeds? The little plants above are all over the place now. They're soft. I've not noticed any flowers popping out of these boxes since we moved in, at least not in the ones I'm digging now.

I think it's all weeds.

This is part of a series. Continue on to the next part.

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