The Abbey Garden: Part 3

While the Brunette was down selling crafts at the Home & Garden Show, I continued to press forward on the garden boxes. This is incredibly slow going. I completely understand why the Square Foot Gardener is successful.

After I cleared the plants out of the first box, I was left with some rotted wood.

Sadly, the ReStore isn't open on Sundays, so I had to go get a new piece of lumber. But now I have a solid box again.

Everything was fine until I hit an ants' nest. They were all over me in a flash, but they were just the little itchy kind, not the red bitey kind. At any rate, I am going to let that dirt settle and wait to see if any weeds resprout. I began the other box.

There's at least another two days' worth of work just to get the beds prepared, but I'm away on travel again tomorrow, so these will sit for a few days. And they'll have a good long think about what they did to deserve this punishment.

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