Road Trip

We have this American story of the road trip, where our hero takes off in a car to get somewhere and along the way has fascinating adventures and meets interesting people that help him re-evaluate and reassess his life.

Not me. I'm driving from Nevada City, California, down to New Mexico, and along the way, I'm having trouble figuring out when I would possibly meet some sort of roadside shaman. I glide along in my sealed metal bubble listening to podcasts and I see faces in the rocks:

And sometimes I see butts:

And there were a lot of dead people. Unknown people:

And people who did good things:

But mostly it was just miles and miles and miles of nobody:

Of course, that just might be what suits my state of mind right now.

I did come across this curious thing:

That cattle grate is just lines painted on the road. Are cows reaching the level that they only need symbols now?

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