The Abbey Garden: Part 8

If you want to feel kind of useless, make a garden. It doesn't seem to matter whether I do anything or not and the boxes just keep growing.

Here is the old box a month since the planting:

And the square foot one:

The "old" box has started growing some ivy. I'm happy to let it do so; I want to raise it and put it somewhere useful.

So far, I think that the differences between the old and new methods are: the old method has bigger plants and the newer method has more corn.

Also, the new method is a gazillion times easier to weed -- one, it has about 0.05% of the weeds the old box has and, two, I can tell what is a weed based only on where it is growing.

The peas are growing more quickly than I expected, so I didn't have a chance to make a good plan for something they can climb. I ran over to the ReStore and got this CD rack to let them climb. I used a bunch of twine to give them different directions to grow in.

I hope it works.

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By the way, I'm cheating by not buying the book or reading anything but other gardeners' blog posts about Square Foot Gardening, so don't take anything I do as an example of the canon.

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