Goodbye Ray Bradbury

Odd to think that I've not seen anyone link to that music video with the NSFW name. At any rate, I have nothing to add to the excellent words written by others about his passing. I am happy to have so much Ray Bradbury to re-read. He was a master of place, time and season.

I particularly like Walter Jon Williams' take on Bradbury:

Another reason Bradbury’s stories don’t date is that he built the nostalgia right into them. They’re about a world that’s already gone past. His Mars rockets are twinkly and old-fashioned now, but they were also twinkly and old-fashioned in 1945. He was all about lost worlds, and when you read the stories you see the loss everywhere.

"You see the loss everywhere." That's the nail folks. Got hit right on the head.

I wrote a book tale a while back based on a Bradbury book. Here's a snippet:

The grandmothers all turned to the grandfathers to exclaim how pretty the flames were, while all the grandfathers reminded the grandmothers about how much better fire had been in the Old Country. 'Go on, Eugene,' Grandma would say. 'You don't remember that!' But they fell to talking about the older days and times.

Read the whole thing here.

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