I love maps

This is neat.

The county government does do some good things, but they're not so good at getting the word out. The county GIS folks have put together an awesome interactive map of election results. I had contacted them just to see if there was a map of all the precincts so I could make something -- all those CP01s and MB53s weren't telling me anything -- but they had already gone and made a good result map:

You can click on any of the precincts to see how the Supervisor race in District 1 went, for example. Or you can use one of those buttons in the lower right to see how other races went. Like the one for House of Representatives:

I was initially disappointed that the precincts weren't color coded by winner, but I realized that 1) there are too many candidates to color-code at this stage and 2) the primary isn't a winner/loser race but just trying to get down to the top two.

Good job, county government!

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