Moooooo ha ha

Last night was quite a show up here in the Sierra Nevada. Or is it on the Sierra Nevada? At any rate, there was a rare thunderstorm and it was a doozy. The thunder crashed and shook more strongly than the cannon-fire from the annual Pioneer Park reenactments. The lightning split the sky and lit up the house.

And all the while, in my mind I could hear Dr. Frankenstein shouting, "Life! Life! I have created Life!"

And sure enough, I looked out upon the garden and there it was.

The first thing I could see from the kitchen window were these round leaves in the old-fashioned bed. On the other end of the same bed, there is more:

Since I know nothing at all about what the heck I'm doing, I am finding one big advantage to the bed that's laid out for Square Foot Gardening.

The grids made it a lot easier to map out the location of the plantings, so I know what went where in this bed in a way that I am only hesitantly aware of in the other. So, this is corn. On the other end, we have sunflowers. Sunflowers and corn win the race to pop up first.

And I can walk down to my customer this morning, shouting, "Life! Life! I have created Life!" and they won't have a clue what I'm talking about.

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By the way, I'm cheating by not buying the book or reading anything but other gardeners' blog posts about Square Foot Gardening, so don't take anything I do as an example of the canon.

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