One of the things we learned biking across the country from DC to Minneapolis: Don't trust a car driver to tell you how steep or how far away something is.

Today, I was reminded that when she's only driven it, even a cyclist can fall into the trap of thinking the road is flatter than it is.

I took a ride up to Cascade Shores today, and I had had the distinct perception from driving it that Pasquale Road was fairly flat. In fact, it is much more flat than Red Dog Road, which leads up to it. However, as you can see here, there is still a 200 foot climb after leaving Red Dog and getting onto Pasquale.

Even so, I enjoyed the six miles on Pasquale. It is wonderfully shaded and, although you can't see the lake from there, it is fun having the ground fall off from the road so dramatically on the north side. I had a nice long sit on the porch at the market up there (the grill wasn't operating, but the owner made a good-smelling bowl of soup for his friends). Along the way, I passed a pair of women power walking on Pasquale with bells on their shoes.

I assume they weren't Morris dancers. I wonder if the bells were to warn off bears.

Or mountain lions.

The smoke isn't thick or anything, but the smell of the fire is in the air and there is a bit of a haze that's only distinguished from the normal pollen clouds by color. And there was a bit of a roughness in my throat the whole ride.

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