High as an Elephant's Eye

A little elephant anyway.

Here we are, halfway through the summer. There really isn't much to report. The peas have been pretty productive, but everything else is moving slowly or not at all. The sunflowers were attacked by some animal, but one or two look like they're about to bloom. I can tell that onions are growing, though not nearly so many as I expected.

The tomatoes and the spinach have decided not to sprout at all, unless the little weed-like sprigs are them. Poor things. I was surprised to find that there are a couple of pepper plants hidden behind the peas in the local-dirt plot. The ones in the square foot plot never showed.

Half the time I feel like I've watered the stuff too much; half the time I think I've watered it too little. The wonderful internet tells me that yellow leaves can mean either thing.

But I have my peas. I will have pumpkins, probably. And one of the corn plants is getting ready to produce. (The others are just wee imitations of corn.) Not bad for someone who has never made a full garden before.

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3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Highway said...

Hey Abbot!

In my first garden, I also did the raised beds like you, although my walls were taller than yours. I made mine 12" high, made with recycled lengths of 2x6s)
In your preparation, how deep into the ground did you amend the soil?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

The boxes are 2x8s. The square foot one I only did about 8 inches. The other one is probably a foot.

Highway said...

Good morning, Abbot!

The reason I asked was because some plants send their roots deeeep. Tomatoes are an example. Although my boxes were 12" high and filled with good dirt, they were sitting on the original hard, clay, rock, "dirt" -- which in my opinion, adversely effected the growth of some of my plants. I have since resolved that problem.