Biathlon of Unreason

My personal record is now 3:03:40 (+5). I've never run a marathon, but PRs have been in the news a lot lately, so I thought I'd have to create something to have my own PR in. And I did: I call it the Biathlon of Unreason.

(By the way, where I come from a PR is a "problem report." I was quite surprised to see all this folderol over getting a PR. Though I guess it's probably pretty good to only have one PR. Oi.)

The hills around here are still bad enough for me that I have trouble going very far, so I thought maybe I could combine two different events. I'd bike over to the miniature golf course, play 18 holes, then bike back. Two events = biathlon, right? The best part was having RunKeeper keep track of the whole thing:

That winding bit off the road is pretty closely representative of the miniature golf course.

So, the whole thing took just over 3 hours to accomplish. The (+5) is to indicate that I was five over par. The time includes transitional times -- changing shoes, locking the bike, waiting for the golf course to open. (I could have saved 15 minutes by timing my ride over there better. I thought it would take longer than it did.) It also includes a lengthy lunch at Tuscany Gardens, where I loaded up on bread sticks.

I guess with the lunch event, I can call it a triathlon? Better not push it.

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