For No Especially Good Reason...

So The Ridger and Scalzi did this the other day. I thought I'd try it. I put each letter of the alphabet into my web browser and made a list of the things that came up in autocomplete.

There is a lot more developer junk in here than I expected and a lot fewer web comics.

A: Goes to one of our demo systems that I use for testing. It is called audemo.
B: For many of my customers, this is the easiest way to get them big files. For others, even this is blocked.
C: Our travel site.
D:, a hub for our SDK information.
E: Same as "D"!
F: Goes to a local file that I've been using for some browser testing.
G: Github
H: Hilton Honors page. Free cookies.
I: Indicommons. I must mention this neat project every three weeks or so, right?
J: This goes to the site where I submitted my proposal for the Toronto Agile Community. I'll be speaking at the conference in November!
K: ReadyTalk, one of our conference call providers.
L: Library Thing
M: Google Maps
N: Netflix, though we switched to Amazon last month.
O: Open Air, our booking/expense system
P: A Google search for the Pioneer Trail, which is a long hiking/mountain biking trail through the Tahoe National Forest. (The search doesn't actually bring up the proper trail on the first page. I wonder how many times I've been frustrated by that search?)
Q: Questionable Content, the first webcomic on the list.
R: Rally, of course
S: StackOverflow, a resource for technical questions.
T: Our trial system.
U: Another one of our test systems.
V: It's a teaching-oriented 3-D environment that we're using for a remote collaboration course I'm taking this fall.
W: I don't really stay at their hotels all that often, but I guess W isn't very popular.
X: WebEx. I expected xkcd, but it's not even in the list. I look at xkcd every day, but it's in a set of comics bookmarks I load all at once. I wonder if those don't get put into history.
Y: Yammer

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