There Will Be Clay!

And wee toaty explorers, of course.

If you didn't guess from the post title, the apple is holding a straw.

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Highway said...

Hey Abbot,

Missed you! I've come back to this scene several times, hoping to suddenly see the meaning...

But I need some help!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Hi, Highway, It's been quiet around here. Nobody comments much any more. Maybe I should do a Tumblr instead.

This one's a reference to the movie called There Will Be Blood. The blue thing is supposed to be an old oil rig. There's a speech in the movie that talks about drinking milkshakes with a straw. (It gets very violent right after this bit.) Here's a clip:". The relevant bit starts at 1:37

I just liked how the crack on the wall looked like a drilling diagram.

Highway said...

Hi Abbot,

Never having seen or heard of that movie, I wouldn't have guessed it in a million years! Your imagination is awesome though, and you know I love the Explorers...

By the way, since reading your reports on your garden, I feel guilty telling you that my garden is still producing some tomatoes, although everything else has been harvested and put up. I was very pleased with this year's crops.

I know zip about "Tumblr". How would it work?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I should do a final summary of the garden experiment. Although the tomatoes I planted never did anything, the garden seems to be happily producing some tomatillos.

That's kind of weird, because I didn't plant any tomatillos.

Tumblr is like a blog, but it skews toward shorter posts and other people have a much easier time re-posting your pictures and text so there's a little better distribution of content.

This blog has been around almost ten years, so I'm hesitant to move. Oh, wow, ten years. I just realized that. No, I think it's just 9. I'll have to go check.

Highway said...

I just read about the tomatillos! There are a number of delicious looking recipes! Incidentally -- they require two plants to produce fruit -- unlike tomatoes that are pollinated by bees. Did you have many bees this year?

I ensured an ample supply of bees by planting a variety of flowers this year to supplement the flowers from my rosemary gardens.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

There were a whole lot of bees on the sunflowers, but they didn't seem to get down to the pumpkins because there were plenty of flowers, but no pumpkins.