Drawing Back the Mask?

So, I'm thinking of coming out of hiding at the beginning of next month. Sierra Commons is hosting a hackathon on the first weekend in December and I'm planning to attend. I don't think I can attend pseudonymously!

A hackathon is a neat kind of thing: a bunch of developers get together in a room for a weekend and write code. Atlassian used to call it "FedEx Day" because the idea is that you come in with a project and code/test/deliver it all within 24 hours. The different hackers will be working on different projects and we'll present our projects on Sunday. This is an open one, but sometimes companies do this internally (my company does) to get everyone to think outside the current vision and to experiment. It doesn't have to be developers only; I think it's good when an idea person gets together with an execution person to form a team.

It's fun because it's both competitive and cooperative at the same time and because it's an opportunity for compressed learning. Sometimes a hacker will pick a project they've been thinking about for a while but not gotten around to and sometimes a hacker will pick a project just to explore a technology they're not familiar with yet.

All of the ones I've been to in the past have been about a particular company's product or built around a theme, so I'm at a bit of a loss with something this wide open to figure out what my project should be. Here's my ask: what do you think I should work on? It doesn't have to be something I know how to do -- learning is part of the fun. It could be a plug in to gmail or a new iPhone app (both things I don't know how to do) or almost anything that I can at least do a thin vertical slice of on the weekend.

Help me out, put your ideas in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

Things I think Nevada County could use:

KVMR info should be put online, in a concise form; the info being
1) community calendar;
2) upcoming public affairs shows and what topics they'll be addressing;
3) nightly news & what topics will be or were addressed

Nevada County bus routes&schedules should be integrated into Google Transit

It'd be nice to be able to do a survey of all folks in a Facebook group, with the responses anonymous, to get a sense of their views.