EOY Lists: Books I Read

Sure, a blog is pretty self-indulgent. So I get to show you all the books I read in 2012. Here's a picture.

(Picture made by putting a tag in LibraryThing on the books as I read them.)

I count that as 56 books finished this year. I hesitate to count the Amber books because they're so small; on the other hand, some of the Miles Vorkosigan books are novel omnibuses, so it balances.

It was a good year for reading, though not so much for Book Tales. I wonder if those might not be all out of my system. Only time will tell.

My three favorites:

  • The Last Crossing (Guy Vanderhaeghe). I picked up this book while in Toronto because I heard about it on The Next Chapter podcast. It's a western, set across the US border. I'm not generally a fan of westerns, but I liked this tale about two English brothers searching for a missing third brother.
  • Railsea (China MiĆ©ville). This is an alternate imagining of Moby Dick, with ships replaced by locomotives and the whale replaced by giant burrowing moles. A great ride every second.
  • Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell). The movie was pretty good, but I loved this book. I came into this one thinking that the writer was just trying to show off, but I came out impressed with his range. Each story segment reads as if it were written in the time it portrays. Mitchell does a good job with switching styles.

On top of all that, all of the Miles books are candy, really. I couldn't pick one up without burning through it in a day. And I've talked before about my addiction to Shadow Unit.

And, of course, BUGS! has my story in it. (I have a chapter in a non-fiction book coming out soon, but I didn't do much fiction writing this year. I intend to catch up in January.)

Did you read any good books this year?

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