EOY Statistics: Bicycling in Nevada County

Rides 2012: 23
Rides 2011: 28

Well, this year I fell below averaging a ride every two weeks. However, with a ride on the third of this month, I did cross off my big goal for the year: I made at least one bicycle ride from my house in each month of the year. I think it says something about the weather here that I was able to do that without any special gear -- although it can get very cold and wet in the winter here, there do seem to always be gaps of beautiful weather. (Today was almost such a day, but I decided to go for a long drive instead of a bike ride.)

I thought I had taken more longer rides this year, but this chart fairly clearly shows I'm holding steady on distance (or maybe even losing traction).

But I still like the Rorschach plot that the year's rides makes on Google Earth. That's Scotts Flat up in the corner.

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