The Abbey Garden: Part 3

While the Brunette was down selling crafts at the Home & Garden Show, I continued to press forward on the garden boxes. This is incredibly slow going. I completely understand why the Square Foot Gardener is successful.

After I cleared the plants out of the first box, I was left with some rotted wood.

Sadly, the ReStore isn't open on Sundays, so I had to go get a new piece of lumber. But now I have a solid box again.

Everything was fine until I hit an ants' nest. They were all over me in a flash, but they were just the little itchy kind, not the red bitey kind. At any rate, I am going to let that dirt settle and wait to see if any weeds resprout. I began the other box.

There's at least another two days' worth of work just to get the beds prepared, but I'm away on travel again tomorrow, so these will sit for a few days. And they'll have a good long think about what they did to deserve this punishment.

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The Abbey Garden: Part 2

So, I took a couple of hours digging up one of the beds. I've discovered two things. First, the wood on one end of the farthest bed is rotten. Two, I'm very slow.

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The Abbey Garden: Part 1

I'm assuming this will be a multi-parter, but it's certainly not implausible that I'll give up about halfway through.

At any rate, this house we bought two (and a half) years ago, has these things in the back yard.

I thought it might be fun to fix these things up. Or at least two of them. So I went to The ReStore and got a tool.

Of course, the first thing I discovered is that there is irrigation tubing in these things. So I started by clearing the plants away from that so I could keep from destroying it by digging willy-nilly.

I'm not sure if this seeps or what. Half the little tubes are capped and half are not. Maybe they spray? Could that be what the stakes are for? There are stakes in both these beds, but the hoses are not touching the stakes, so I'm not sure what they're for.

Speaking of not knowing things, it didn't occur to me until I had dug half the tube up that maybe some of these plants might be worth keeping. Anybody have any idea how much of this is weeds? The little plants above are all over the place now. They're soft. I've not noticed any flowers popping out of these boxes since we moved in, at least not in the ones I'm digging now.

I think it's all weeds.

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Good Days, Bad Days

Two writing bits in one week. So I got the good news just below this and I just received my rejection for a January submission.

Today, I Got Paid

for my contribution to this:

Room with a View, OKC

As if I might have trouble remembering which hotel I'm in:

Winchester Drive In - Update!

Well, I made a joke at the Winchester Drive In Theatre's expense and they've gone and shown me:

And I saw another interesting sign:

Occupy My Mac

Winchester Drive-In

Anyone who follows my Twitter feed is likely to come away with the idea that I don't like traveling. But the truth is, I really like the traveling bit. I hate the TSA and all it stands for these days, but aside from that downer on every single beginning and end to a trip, I love visiting the wonderful places of my homeland.

Partly because I get to happen upon awesome old signs.

It makes you wonder if it's been "opening soon" since 1954.

The stories you could tell here.

Lunch in Hampton Beach

Woo hoo, a trip to a new state for the Wee Toaty Explorers. This time, we've stopped for a little lunch.

That's supposed to be a lobster. These are the smallest figures I've made yet.

The wind was rough and tended to push these guys around. I hope they stayed long enough for someone to find.

Room with a View: Cambridge, MA

The nice thing about high-rises is that they give you more than one view to choose from.

Room with a View: Grants, NM

Sometimes the sky in Grants puts on a show to rival the one the mesas put on every day.


Actually, what I'd really really like is for a restaurant that has outside seating overlooking water of some sort. That would be nice once the precipitation stops. I think the closest thing we have is the little waterfall at Trolley Junction.

Apparently, I should change the name of the blog to Things The Abbot Wants. Get on That.

Indian Scooplet

Looks like India Oven might be for sale. Huh, I always figured that was a chain or something.

I miss the Indian place that used to be out toward Rough & Ready. That place closed on the day we moved here -- we ate there on the last night. It was delicious.

A good Indian restaurant would be a wonderful thing.

Stuff I Want to Find

Hey local people! In the last place we lived, the county saved all the results from chipping and lawn collection and kept a big pile of mulch/compost that we residents could go and use. It wasn't pretty or high quality, but it was a great filler and useful for large areas. And free is always good.

So is there anything like that around here? I'm hoping to get a whole bunch of compost and mulch and maybe a whole bunch of dirt. I'm also looking around for a big old pile of gravel-sized rock.

Where does one get that stuff?

Room with a View: Santa Clara

Suspicious Minds

So a police officer just knocked on the door. He wanted to let me know that there has been a prowler in the neighborhood. He said that there have been a few break-ins in the city lately. I should be on the lookout for suspicious people lurking around and casing the place. For example, he said, I should be careful with solicitors and others who knock on the door with the intention of checking out my place.

I thought: You mean like people pretending to be police officers?

I'm Sick of Holy Wars

I had a lot of insightful things to say about the difference between saying "There was a terrorist attack in Wisconsin last night" and "There was a Planned Parenthood clinic bombing last night," and they were amazing things while they floated in my head. But I can't get them to assemble here.

The shock and awe that the reporting of a terrorist attack in Wisconsin would bring to the nation would be dramatic. But our own freaks go and bomb something, and we -- seemingly -- shrug.

I'd like to think that we are becoming more rational about terrorism. I think all terrorism is a criminal act and should be treated as such -- that is, not militarily. However, I think that the lack of the word "terrorism" in the linked article has a lot less to do with that kind of mind shift and a lot more to do with the particular book the bomber(s) read.

It's April the First, It Is, April the First It Is It Is

So, this is the day that I stop believing half of what's on the internet. (The other half I already don't believe.)

However, this is the woman who sold me my bike. And my paintings have hung on the walls of that cafe behind the mayor pro tem. They wouldn't lie to me, right?