Even More Apocalypse

Once again I returned to the Yuba River, and this time I brought my bicycle and a camera.

It's a lot flatter down there, but even so the 14 or so miles I did were rough because much of the road is only gravel. After a few miles, the road veers away from the river (and whatever there is of Marysville Lake) to head toward the Air Force base. You get to go farther on a bicycle, but it's harder to grab the camera for good shots, so I missed taking one of the sheep that were blocking the road until my bicycle spooked them and they took off.

The post-apocalyptic scenery goes on and on. On the way back up river, I stopped for a snack and rest at this abandoned structure. I used to follow a blog that was just pictures of abandoned buildings, but then it was abandoned, too. I miss that blog; I'll have to make more of an effort to find abandoned structures to take pictures of on my own.

Yeah, the thing is covered with offensive graffiti and there have been a lot of fires inside the building. But it's always nice to see the taggers respecting the Rational Unified Process, even in this day of agile methodologies.

(Well, it looks like "RUP" to me, anyway.)

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