I Say Banana, You Say Banana

I knew January was going to be a little travel-heavy, so I put off starting my new gardening project until today. I think February is mostly at-home. I'm sure the folks at the North Ridge will appreciate that.

I bought some red German garlic back in December and most of it got moldy, but I salvaged a few cloves and shoved them into the ground outside today.

More interestingly, I received this for Christmas:

Hooray for bananas in the mountains. I am wondering if fresh bananas are better than store bought. I haven't had good banana pudding since I was a young'un.

The first step was to ignore the instructions provided on the carton. Usually, I'd do that just because I'm ornery, but in this case, the contents didn't match the box. It came with a separate set of instructions inside because instead of dirt, they provided me with a disk of peat. After watering the peat and mixing it up, it sort of looks like brownies.

It does not taste like brownies.

The best thing is that it comes with a convenient little anti-deer device. The clear plastic dome even has a door molded into it to fancy it up.

The instructions say to put it an an Eastern window. I've never heard of that before. Usually, they want me to clutter up the Southern windows. (I don't know why we're capitalizing the directions. Kind of implies the window has to actually be from the East, doesn't it?) I don't know where my windows came from, but the ones on the east side of the house are either in my bedroom or in the garage. I thought it best to put it on the north side so I can see it in the kitchen every day.

They make these instructions just so they have something to point to when it doesn't grow properly. "Oh, you didn't place it in a window manufactured in China? Null and void, dude."

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Highway said...

That's cool, Abbot. I checked out that company's website to learn more about the kit, and found that the banana tree is actually an herb...

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Oh, dang, look at that. They have a version that comes with a "decorative monkey." I didn't get a decorative monkey!

I remember in Hawaii being surprised seeing that pineapples grow on the ground.

Highway said...

I think that will be a fun project!

Just think -- you'll get your potassium, you can smoke your peels, and use the leaves to steam your pork in!