Mardi Gras 2013

I walked down my street this afternoon.

I thought to myself, "Good lord, Nevada City, do you ever have a weekend without a parade?"

Surprisingly, in my three years living here, I've never before been in town when the Mardi Gras celebration hit. As I walked down into town, I saw this orange barricading everywhere. It seemed kinda dangerous to me. Do we really need all this restriction?

Pine and Commercial Streets were packed with booths and people.

Lots of folks were wearing masks. And there was a lot of purple, so I guess the Ravens were being celebrated? At any rate, only one of these wig-heads wore a mask:

The Mardi Gras parade is more boisterous than the one for Constitution Day. Lots of people throwing their hands in the air made it hard to take a picture, so I didn't get many. I like this guy, though:

The real reason, though, that I didn't get a lot of pictures of the parade itself had to do with the place I chose. About half an hour before the parade, I sat on the corner of Broad Street and the ramp to south-bound 49. It was off the road and seemed like a nice sunny spot. A few families gathered on either side of me, sitting on the curb. And then these folks decided it was OK to stand in the middle of the road:

I stood up to take a picture of these people and by the time I got in front of them, they had grown:

And I found myself thinking, "You know what this town really needs? More barricades!"

If you want to see some impressive pictures of the parade, check out the Outside Inn blog.

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