On the Subject of Good News

I was thinking about "good news" and "bad news" yesterday. I know this isn't any kind of shocking revelation, but, boy, we are a society that concentrates on the bad news. I've been in a lot of conversations that go something like this: "Wow, Nevada County is in trouble. All these restaurants are closing. Cirino's, Trolley Junction, and Villa Venezia are all gone or going soon. Things haven't been this bad before."

Now, I mourn the loss of my favorite Monte Cristo as much as the next person, and I have enjoyed a nice dinner or two at Villa Venezia.

I head rumors that Obamacare led to the demise of Cirino's. It was going to make it too hard to maintain a business. But last night, we tried to go down to the new Lefty's at the bottom of the hill. It's got to be twice as big as the old Lefty's and it was still too crowded for us to get in without a reservation. We walked up the hill and snagged the very last available booth at Las Katarinas, and there was a crowd standing around hoping for a table when we left. These restaurants seem to be doing OK, if only from one anecdotal experience.

You know, Crazy Horse is back and I hear they're selling food. The hot dog stand went away, but now there's a crepe stand (that replaced the crepe stand). And for the future, there's already work happening where the new restaurant is going to take the old Lefty's spot. It's not all gloom and doom, folks. I mean, sure, I miss Toki's as much as anyone, but I hear Humpty's is coming back soon. The Grey Goose went away before I got here, but I'm hoping to get down to Fias soon.

You know, when I moved here only 3.5 years ago, that Bonanza place was a pit. I'm not saying it's somewhere I'd take tourists now -- it's just a convenience store, after all -- but back then they were selling spoiled milk and half the coolers didn't work and it was just generally gross. As convenience stores go, it's pretty nice.

Speaking of convenience stores, although there was a business there in the interim, when I moved here, there was nothing where the new branch of the Harmony Ridge Market has just gone in. And now, there's a lovely case of Guinness brownies. Tell me that's not an improvement.

I'm not trying to be Pollyanna-ish, and I know this isn't my home town. I realize Citronee and Posh Nosh never got replaced. On its very last day, I went to the Indian restaurant that used to be out on Rough & Ready Highway. I know we're not living in a golden age and we definitely need to do something about the demographics and industry in this county. All I'm asking for is a little more balance, folks. Just a bit.

Update: I just wandered over to RL Crabb's blog and wanted to state for the record that this was not meant as a response to his State of the Union analysis. I really was just responding to face-to-face conversations I had been included in. I was just being grumpy about being grumpy.

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